Family is blessed by Allah for second time

Published: 24 Jul 2011 13:30

ALMOST three years to the day since a family found the name of Islamic God, Allah, in Arabic inside an aubergine, they believe they have been "blessed" with a second miracle.

Excited members of the Shah family, of Hawthorn Crescent, Slough, were thrilled to find the word Al-Ali inside another aubergine as they sliced it open for a special meal they were preparing.

Jaffar Shah, 34 said: "It was actually my brother-in-law who saw it as he was helping my mother to prepare the food.

"We are a very spiritual family so we were not surprised to receive this second miracle. But we do feel very blessed. We feel this is a miracle for everyone."

The incident took place on Friday last week in the holy month of Shaban and the term Al-Ali means 'The Sublime' in English and is one of the 99 terms given to describe the Islamic God. The name Ali was also that of the first male Muslim who is a revered personality throughout the Muslim world.

Family members celebrated the discovery by praying until almost 4am to give thanks.

Accountant, Mr Shah said: "We enjoyed our dinner together and then prayed. It is a wonderful thing as is the fact that it has happened twice and in a holy month. As soon as we saw it we could clearly see what was written."

Hoards of visitors have already been calling round to see the miraculous aubergine with many coming from as far away as Manchester and Bradford. The family also took the vegetable to the Al-Quaim Centre in Montrose Avenue to the delight of fellow Muslims.

Mr Shah added: "Some people will believe and some people won't, but seeing is believing. This miracle is for all of us and we would of course invite anyone who wants to see the aubergine to contact us."

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